What prerequisites must be met before I can start to apply for job positions in the European Union?

What minimum level of language skills is usually required to work abroad?

Will I still have access to the local labor market if I lose my job during the probation period?

Do I need to pay taxes, social contributions and insurances if I’m not sure I will stay in the country for a long period of time?

How can I calculate my net income and how big are the living expanses?

Is it possible to relocate with my family at the same time? Could a situation occur that one of my family members will not receive visa even if I will?

When will I know for sure I’m aloud to move so I can start with preparations?

Will I be able to receive a work permit for one of the European Union countries even if there is no match between my higher education specialization and my actual profession?


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Relocate2.eu is a team of relocation specialists with IT and management background located in Germany. We have set ourselves the goal to erase global labor market borders and make it highly accessible for the qualified IT and IT related professionals.

Brush aside all doubts and open a new page of your life with our help. 
Our solid experience and well-organized working processes will make your relocation as comfortable and easy as possible. You can rely on our support and professional service irrespective of which part of Germany you are going to live in.


Relocation to Germany means both, a new page of life and a new quality of life. You will be pleasantly impressed by a vast range of advantages. You can expect: social benefits, safe and stable future for you and your children, unique experience of working in the world’s famous companies and concerns, career growth, decent salary and affordable medicine.


As a professional service provider, we undertake relocation of IT experts from everywhere around the world to EU countries and their integration into the European labor market. We ensure a quick and easy procedure of regulatory matters before and after the relocation, provide additional on-site apartment search support and help expats with registration, insurance and other affairs.


We make sure the communication during the application process works troublefree and provide safe and reliable individual support from the very beginning, the moment right after the job offer was accepted, until the actual job start in the new company. Relocate2.eu provides individual support in searching of work and housing in Germany, visa application and learning German at our Online Language School.


Relocate2.eu offers integrated solutions in order to make relocation process more efficient. Our goal is to organize complicated sequences and to bring more transparency into the relocation process. We use modern technologies to make the processes more efficient. Our goal is to organize complicated sequences and to bring more transparency into the relocation process.


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Managing Director

Practical, open-minded allround talent with advanced managerial skills, attention to detail and passion for quality.


Business Development

Highly qualified technical guru with social competence, persistent in pursuing new ways and innovative ideas.


Lead HR Partner

Attentive, kind-hearted and insightful person, professional IT Recruiter with individual approach and never give up mentality.


Relocation Consultant

Young, fun-loving, energetic organizational talent with a strong commitment to his work and a great care towards people.


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